Our Vission

To be an invigorator for building self-sustaining incubation facility & innovation ecosystems that will nurture knowledge based, technologically differentiated, organizational relevant innovation startups allowing intrapreneurs or young entrepreneurs to create new business models.

Our Mission

To train, empower, fuel entrepreneurial spirit and inculcate research bent of mind among intrapreneurs and young entrepreneurs to be self reliant and contribute to become an asset to TUG business group by creating or establishing technology-led business startups to launch multiple business and long-term future growth.

Our Objectives

  1. Contribute to the success of emerging technologies

2) Stimulating innovation promotion and entrepreneurial spirit

3) Increasing the competitiveness within the organization

4) Substantially reduce the level of risks/failure

5) Formation of productive clusters/arrangements

6) Facilitating transfer of technology

7) Job creation

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